Antitumoral and Biochemistry Research


    Scientific Interests

    The activity of this group started in 2008, with the objective of evaluating the potential biological activities of the organometallic compounds synthesized by the chemists of the group and identifying their mechanisms of action. These studies have as main objective the increase in the number of possible chemotherapeutic agents.

    The antitumour activity of compounds is evaluated by cytoxicity tests against several cell lines.

    Compounds displaying noticeable cytotoxic activities will undergo subsequent studies in order to determine their stability, kinetics of action, evaluation of metal uptake by cells and studies of DNA binding properties.

    On-going projects

    The following families of complexes are being studied:

  • Ferrocene Complexes

  • Mo(II) complexes with BIAN ligands with several substituents

  • Mo(II) complexes with diimine ligands derived from o-phenanthroline and 2,2'-bipyridil.