Diogo Ruivo dos Santos Vila Viçosa

  • Inclusion of pH effects in molecular modelling of lipid bilayers

  • membrane

    The lipid bilayer is the basic structural component of biological membranes. Membrane protein function is often strongly affected by the chemical and physical properties of the bilayer, which in turn depend on the composition of lipids and their complex interactions at the molecular level. A detailed description of a lipid bilayer at the atomic level has to take in consideration all important factors that affect in some way the membrane behavior and stability. pH is recognizably one of these factors even though it is usually forgotten due to the high complexity in terms of modeling. Changes in pH are usually associated with (de)protonation in key titrable groups present in the polar head of some phospholipids that constitute the bilayer. The resulting changes in the electrostatic environment will strongly influence the structure of the bilayer allowing for the appearance of certain phenomena, like lipid phase transition and microdomain formation. Our objective was to apply the stochastic titration constant-pH MD methodology to the study of lipid protonation in bilayers.


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